Engaged in one-stop solution for global industrial furnace heat-resistant alloy.

Specialized in manufacturing 900-1250℃ heat-resistant alloy products

LMM GROUP produce heat-resistant-alloy products with an operating temperature range of 900-1250℃.we provide integrated solutions using heat-resistant alloys for indus-trial furnaces around the world. LMM manufactures all types of furnace internalsincluding burners,radiant tubes furnace rolls, combustion systems and variousfurnace rolls for the metallurgical industry and also lehr rolls, steel rolls, lift-outrolls, donut rolls for the glass industry, plus ethylene cracking furnace tubes andhydrogen, methanol, and ammonia conversion furnaces tubes and other productsfor the petrochemical industry.

LMM have been supplied to world’s top steel manufacturer Arcelormittal, TATA Steel, NLMK, MMK, etc. We do OEM for Concast and Danieli for a long time

Production line application

continuous annealing furnace

continuous galvanizing lines

Heat Treatment

Product display

Wide and thick plate furnace roll

Heat treatment furnace roll

Stabilizing roller

Thermal tension rolls

Steel roll

Steel ring roll

Sink roll

Correcting roller

Deflector roll

Carbon sleeve roll core

Core competitiveness: one-stop service

Full metallurgical production line:

  • Cold-rolled sheet continuous annealing line (CAL),
  • Cold-rolled sheet galvanizing line (CGL),
  • Wide and thick plate heat treatment production line,
  • Silicon steel heat treatment production line demand.
    From the completeness of the products to the uniformity of the technological process, the whole line runs through to meet more needs of customers..

Vertical one-stop shop:

Product assembly, processing, furnace mixing grinding, furnace rod spraying, complete the whole process of wheel mixing.

Horizontal one-stop:
Full line of radiant tube and furnace rod products, combustion system, W-type, U-type, P-type, L-type, electric radiant tube, etc., three knuckles and six arms, bearing bushes and sleeves, metallurgical furnace silver, bottom furnace furnace, silicon steel wire furnace Sticks, etc., break through the bearing bushes, bushings, scrapers and other products required for galvanizing, and research and improve the service life of sinking knives, stable mixers, and yoke arms.

The production process of furnace roll

Roll body
Smelting ⇒ Centrifugal casting ⇒ shot blasting ⇒ Check (appearance, size) ⇒ Machining ⇒ Inspection (PT, static balance) ⇒ Correct stastic balance, car bevel

Smelting ⇒ Metal mold casting ⇒ shot blasting ⇒ Check (appearance, size) ⇒ Machining groove ⇒ Inspection (PT, Appearance, Dimensions)

Spindle head
Outsourced forgings ⇒ Machining ⇒ Inspection (PT, Dimensions

Cone & Spindle head
Assembly welding ⇒ Inspection (PT, Dimensions) 

Cone & Spindle head & Roll body

Group welding ⇒ Inspection (PT, Dimensions) ⇒ Finish machining ⇒ Inspection (PT, static balance) ⇒ Packing and pickup

Production equipment & Testing Equipment

The production process of furnace roll

1. Purification technology of molten steel using electric arc furnace smelting process

2. Improve the compactness of large-diameter furnace rolls by optimizing the speed of the centrifuge

3. Improve the quality of the roll body by controlling the processing volume of the outer circle of the furnace roll

4. Use metal mold to cast the cone to improve the casting quality and weldability of the cone

5. Improve the purity of molten steel by using bottom pouring process

6. Vibrating Stress Relief treatment before roll body processing and welding to eliminate casting and processing stress

7. Use special customized welding consumables to improve the performance of the weld

Ultra-long furnace roll centrifugal casting patented technology

The super-long furnace roll manufactured for Japan Asahi Glass, with a diameter of φ365, a roll surface length of 8000mm, and a total furnace roll length of 9375mm, is currently the longest furnace roll in the world.


The company strictly according to modern enterprise management requirements set up a perfectquality assurance system, and passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:1999 occupationalhealth and safety management system certification.The company tube exercise products qualitysupervision, in management and quality inspection functions. All the company production process arein the tube in custody, establish and perfect the various kinds of standard operating procedures, andstrictly comply with. Set up a strict process control standard and middle product quality control standards,and ensure the quality of all products.

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