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After passing the inspection with LMMGROUP, a trial plan was proposed for the company's high-speed steel rolls in May 2019. The planned number is 4 pairs (8 pieces), and the trial has been completed. Although the price of LMMGROUP is 1.22 times that of the current rolling stock, through this trial, the data shows that the amount of steel passing through is more than 1.3 times higher than the current rolling stock, and the rolling groove wear of the off-line rolling is better than the current rolling stock. If Long-term use in batches also reduces the amount of turning per turn and increases the number of rolls used. For the trial specification, we chose the medium 14 specification with a higher accident rate, because the advantages of the roll were not fully exerted due to batch reasons and the impact of production accidents. According to the trial results, it is inferred that the rolling series will be better when used in 16-20 specifications.
On September 10, 2015, in the rolling process of the steel rolling mill, the LMMGROUP high-speed steel bar rolling experiment was carried out on the first bar line C12 to four cuts, and C14 three cuts to K1, K2, K3, and K4. According to the trial situation, The average amount of steel passing through LMMGROUP rolling is about 50%-60% of the alloy rolling spoke. The processing difficulty of high-speed steel is low, and the processing cost is lower than that of the alloy rolling wheel. Our factory can achieve normal processing.
LMMGROUP provides our factory with 8 @380×650 high-speed steel rolls for K1 (finishing), K2 (pre-finishing), K3 (slicing), K4 (pre-slicing), which are used to make 12mm rebar. After the first online use: K1 single-channel steel throughput averaged 410 tons, K2 single-channel steel throughput averaged 840 tons, K3 single-channel steel throughput was 2860 tons, and K4 single-channel steel throughput was 2910 tons. There is no abnormal condition in the groove, and the hardness of the wheel is uniform, which is convenient for the repair and processing of the groove. During the period, LMMGROUP sent relevant technical personnel to follow up and guide on-site, and the effect was better in our factory.
1. According to the use situation, the use of cutting passes is more obvious, from the use of one groove per shift to the use of 3 shifts for one groove, which greatly reduces the parking time of the shift and the cost of using rolls, Reduce roll changes on night shifts.
2. High-speed steel rolls have good wear resistance, which is more obvious in the use of 15# rolls. During the production process, the strip shape control is stable, the gap between the rolls is large, and the negative deviation fluctuation is small, which is very useful for improving the quality of the finished product. good improvement.
3. At present, the ordinary roll is 0.55 yuan/ton, and the use of high-speed steel is 0.33 yuan/ton, which can greatly reduce the cost and increase the profit of the workshop.
The trial data shows that the ∮370mm high-speed steel roll produced by LMMGROUP has far exceeded the single-groove assessment value of 1,500 tons in the "Roll Ordering Technical Agreement", and the effect is good.

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