Introduction of chilled cast iron rolls

What kinds of commonly used cast iron rolls are there? Cast iron rolls are further divided into four categories: chilled cast iron rolls, infinite chilled cast iron rolls, ductile iron rolls and high chromium cast iron rolls.Due to the difference in composition, inoculation, cooling rate, heat treatment, etc., cast iron has formed a huge system. […]

What are the types and characteristics of cast iron rolls

1) Alloy chilled cast iron rollThe alloy chilled cast iron roll is formed by using the supercooling degree of molten iron itself and the method of cold surface chilling to form a white layer. There is basically no free graphite in the matrix structure of the working layer of the roll body, and the metallographic […]

Development of foreign casting high speed steel rolls

Casting high-speed steel rolls were first successfully developed by the Japanese in 1988 and used in hot strip rolling mills. The United States began to introduce high-speed steel rolls in the early 1990s, and Europe started relatively late. High-speed steel rolls are generally defined as tool steels that have the ability to maintain hardness during […]

New technology of laser texturing cold roll for producing high-quality cold-rolled thin steel sheet

Laser texturing cold roll technology is a new technology for producing high-quality cold-rolled sheet steel developed in the world in the 1980s. Because laser texturing technology has greater advantages than other texturing methods in terms of processing methods, improving molding performance, brightness after coating, and comprehensive production costs, laser texturing technology has been used by […]

Study on Quenching Technology of New Type Forging High Speed Steel Roll Material

Modern large-scale cold strip rolling mills have achieved endless and semi-endless rolling. The requirements for the quality of strips, such as the surface flatness and thickness difference of cold-rolled strips, are getting higher and higher, and the quality requirements for work rolls are also getting higher and higher. The higher it is, the higher the […]

Roll die stretch of metal wire

As we all know, the traditional production method of metal wire is integral die drawing. This method is relatively simple, but there are many shortcomings. The friction force in the deformation area is large, and a large amount of energy is consumed, which greatly affects the deformation process. In order to reduce the stretching friction, […]

Cold mill roll life and flaw detection standards

The main links in the manufacturing process of cold rolls are smelting, forging, heat treatment, processing and inspection. Cold rolls have to bear a lot of rolling stress during the working process, and problems such as welding seams, inclusions and edge cracks in the rolled piece are easy to lead to instantaneous high temperature, which […]

Causes of mill rolls breakage

1: Brittle fractureThe fracture shape of this type of roll is relatively flat, and the surface of the roll body around the fracture is relatively neat; 2: Ductile fractureThe fracture shape of such rolls is mostly “mushroom head”, and the roll body near the fracture is crushed. Comparing the two, it is found that the […]