The world No. 1 in crude steel production steel plant, over 70% of the HSS for bar and wire are from us.

Equipment capability

The company has a raw material analysis center, a rapid analysis center, and a physical test center, which strictly controls the process quality and performance testing of product production, and meets the user’s various quality testing needs for the company’s products. And it provides modern advanced means for the company’s product performance quality control and technology research and development.

Casting Equipments

Meet the largest specification of casting roll Φ1400X4600X9000

Equipped with: 20T/30T dual power inverter intermediate frequency electric furnace, lOT, 5T, 3T intermediate frequency electric furnace, a total of 8,which are produced by INDUCTOTHERM GROUP, 60T LF ladle slightly smelting furnace, 60TVD vacuum refining furnace, V.C vacuum casting furnace each, equipped with advanced Spraying and sand casting equipment.

Thermal Treatment Equipments

The equipments all use computer centralized control automation system

Strictly control the uniformity of furnace temperature to ensure the consistency of roll hardness.
Equipped with: 30 numerically controlled resistance high and low temperature heat treatment furnaces and spray quenching equipment, open differential temperature heat treatment furnaces, gas baking furnaces.

Processing Equipments

rolling mill rolls industrial roller

High-precision special machining equipment to meet various precision and requirements

Equipped with: over 20 large-sized imported NC grinding machines, large-medium sized NC lathes and large-medium sized NC planer-type double-side milling machines, as well as over 100 dedicated lathes for various rolls of C61250, C61200, C61125, C84180, C84160, C8463, C8440 and C91250 and etc.

Test And Inspection Equipments

Whole process quality and inspection system from raw materials to finished rolls

Advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, the whole process implements computer information collection and feedback processing.

Equipped with: American Leco CS230 carbon and sulfur analyzer, German Bruker Q8 direct reading spectrometer, Japanese Shimadzu MNV-2T golden microscope, German KK USD12 ultrasonic flaw detector, and etc.

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