Cold work rolls (hardness and material of cold work rolls)

Cold work rolls (hardness and material of cold work rolls)

The surface of cold-rolled work rolls should be free of defects, and the smoothness should meet the requirements. The surface is hard, the center is soft and soft, and it has a long service life. The hardness of the backup roll should be lower than that of the work rolls. Avoid grinding the work roll surface. […]

New cold rolling work rolls for rolling high strength steel

Rolling Mill Roll Manufacturer​

In order to meet the needs of rolling high-strength steel and ultra-high—strength steel,a new type of cold work roll was developed by the alloy composition design and manufacturing process optimization. Wear resistance of the working layer and strength—toughness of the roll body have been significantly improved. The application results at the work site show that […]

Cold rolling work rolls performance, material selection

Description:The work roll is a part of the roll. The work roll in the roll of the rolling mill is mainly subject to high temperature, so it is required to have good heat resistance, wear resistance and high hardness. Keyword:work rolls,chilled rolls,rolling mill rolls What is a work rolls? The work roll is a part […]