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Research on the use and maintenance of cold rolling mill rolls

steel work rolls

Rollers are key contact process equipment in strip steel production. In view of the problems existing in the processing and use of cold rolls, we improve the surface quality during the production process, reduce production costs, and ensure efficient operation of continuous production from three aspects: roll grinding, roll non-destructive testing, and roll use. Non-destructive […]

Common rolls for rolling mill flaw detection methods in roll workshops

rolling mill rolls hs code

The cost of the roll workshop in a modern steel rolling mill directly determines the cost of the rolling mill. The surface quality of the roll directly determines the quality of the rolled products, and the internal quality of the roll determines the service life of the roll. How to reduce costs (roll consumption) and […]

Bar and wire rod factory’s practice of reducing rolling mill rollers consumption

rolling mill rolls

In view of the work of reducing production costs in bar and wire rod factories, measures such as adopting new material rolling mill rollers, process optimization and a series of technical transformations are used to reduce roll consumption and contribute to the cost reduction work of rod and wire rod factories. Keyword: Use of rolling mill rollers […]

Cause analysis of fatigue spalling of forged steel cold rolling work rolls body

Steel mill roll life

Reducing rolling mill accidents, improving the accident resistance of roll materials, and conducting comprehensive surface wave + eddy current flaw detection on the rolls before they are put on the machine can avoid the peeling of the rolls caused by the expansion of surface cracks. Keyword:Cold Rolled Work Rolls Spalling of the working layer is […]

Cold rolling work rolls performance, material selection

Description:The work roll is a part of the roll. The work roll in the roll of the rolling mill is mainly subject to high temperature, so it is required to have good heat resistance, wear resistance and high hardness. Keyword:work rolls,chilled rolls,rolling mill rolls What is a work rolls? The work roll is a part […]

Use of backup rollers

backup rolls

Description:The support roller is an important part that is often used in mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support and protect the transmission parts to meet specific motion requirements and improve the overall operating performance of the transmission. Keyword:Rolling mill rolls backup roll Application of backup rolls The support roller is a roller widely […]

Increase the service life of the mill roll and reduce the production cost

Steel mill roll life

Description:The article focuses on the analysis of the hot-rolled narrow strip in the middle of the rolling groove, such as irregular deblocking, cracking of the roll ring, pitting of the roll groove, etc. Effectively improve the cooling effect of the roller table, and appropriately increase the width of the roller ring to avoid cracks and […]

Rolling mill rolls material choose

Rolling mill rolls material choose

Description: Rolling mill rolls professional manufacturer, Has 20+ years of production experience Keyword: Rolling mill rolls material Alloy chilled cast iron roll Alloy chilled cast iron roll (roll ring) is a cast iron roll manufactured by using the supercooling degree of molten iron itself and the quenching of the mold surface, and adding Ni, Cr, […]

Classification of rolling mill rolls and selection of materials

features and Management Requirements of rolling mill Rolls in Plate Mills

Description: The roll is the most important process part in steel rolling production. The direct contact between the roll and the rolling piece causes the rolling piece to undergo plastic deformation, thus completing the rolling process. The other components of the rolling mill are all set up for installation, support, adjustment and replacement of rolls, […]

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