Improvement of Hss rolls technology

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Cast high-speed steel rolls are used in many fields including the finishing rolling section and rough rolling section of hot strip hot strip rolling mills, the pre-finishing rolling section of steel pipe rolling mills and high-speed wire rod rolling mills, and their advantages are quite obvious. From the perspective of the development of steel rolling […]

Hss rolls materials and characteristics

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Keyword:High speed steel roll, Hss roll material, Hss rolls characteristics The material of high-speed steel rolls should have the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, good thermal conductivity and uniform hardness and structure. Under normal rolling conditions, the service life of high-speed steel rolls is more than three times that of alloy cast iron […]

Features of HSS Rolls

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The improvement of high-speed steel roll manufacturing technology mainly focuses on improving the purity and uniformity of steel, improving the strength of the roll and the metallurgical combination of the outer layer of the roll and the core of the roll. Different rolling mills and different stands of the same rolling mill have different requirements […]

Improvement and research and development of HSS Rolls technology

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What are the main advantages of high-speed steel rolls? Start with four aspects: centrifugal casting method, continuous casting outer layer forming method, electroslag remelting method, and liquid metal electroslag dissolution method. The manufacturing process of high-speed steel rolls is studied, and the key points of process improvement are explained. Keyword: Hss Rolls From the perspective […]