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Application of high-speed steel rolls in bar hot continuous rolling finishing mill

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High-speed steel rolls have good wear resistance, water permeability and high-temperature red hardness, but turning and milling are difficult. Carbide tools should be used and reasonable cutting parameters should be selected. During use, the cooling water volume should be sufficient and maintenance should be strengthened to ensure stable operation of the rolling mill and avoid […]

Material elements of hss roller

Description: The role of alloy elements in hss roller and their influence on the roll structure and properties are discussed in detail. On this basis, the development of cast high-speed steel roll materials and the effects of modification treatment and microalloying on the structure and properties of high-speed steel rolls are introduced, which can provide […]

Use and improvement of high-speed steel rolls in hot-rolled plate and strip production

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This article studies and analyzes the application of high-speed steel rolls in hot-rolled strip production, and predicts the broad prospects of high-speed steel rolls with the help of characteristics such as wear resistance, chemical composition, heat resistance, and suction properties. At the same time, solutions and good suggestions were also put forward for the problems […]

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