Status of forged steel rolls

Forged steel rolls can be divided into forged steel hot rolls and forged steel cold rolls. Forged steel hot rolls are mainly used for hot rolling and section steel roughing rolls, and forged steel cold rolling rolls are widely used as cold rolling work rolls. Due to the high quality requirements of cold-rolled sheets, especially […]

cast iron roll

Generally classified by manufacturing process: The roll whose working layer is white-faced structure (matrix + carbide) due to the chilling effect of the metal type is called chilled cast iron roll.Cast iron rolls use the above method, but appropriately increase the carbon content of molten iron to obtain a hemp structure (matrix + carbide + graphite), […]

Mill rolls classification

There are many types of rolls. At present, the commonly used types of rolls are cast steel rolls, cast iron rolls and forging rolls. There are also a small amount of carbide rolls on the profile rolling mill. According to the molding method: casting rolls and forging rolls; casting rolls refer to the types of […]

Different Types of Rolling Roll Mills used by Steel Roll Manufacturers

The rolling process is the most common industrial process, which is used for making large length cross section like sheets and plates of steel and aluminum for structures. Rolling mills are used for completing the rolling process. These are available with various steel roll manufacturers in a variety of shapes and sizes as per requirement of the […]

Metallurgy of Rolling mill Rolls


Rolls are implements or tools used in rolling mills to reduce the cross section of the material being rolled. They are highly stressed tools and are subject to wear. They are needed both for the rolling of sectional as well as flat products. In recent past, rolling technology has improved and changed dramatically, but the […]

High Line Operation Points – Heating zone

Thermal system: 1.1.1 Rolling temperature: 990±20℃, the furnace temperature of each section is controlled in a balanced and stable manner, and the heating time is 90 minutes. 1.1.2 Furnace temperature control Cold billet furnace temperature control(℃) Hot billet furnace temperature control(℃) soaking section (II) heating (I) heating soaking section (II) heating (I) heating 1090 1090 […]

High Line Operation Points- rolling mill area

Material shape control 1)Material shape process parameters: Rolling Mill roughing mills intermediate rolling pre-finishing mill finishing mill Material type of the last flight of the unit(mm) 77.0±0.5 35.5±0.3 Φ6.5 Φ8 Φ10 Φ12 Φ14 Φ16 Control according to technical conditions of finished products 20.2 19.6 19.6 19.0 22.0 20.2 ±0.2  2)Material shape control principles and precautions: […]

High Line Operation Points – Finishing area

Air cooling line control parameters Specifications 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 fan insulation cover Φ6.5 300 310 320 330 340 350 400 450 480 500 600 On1,2 All on Φ8 300 310 320 330 340 350 400 450 480 500 600 On1,2 All on Φ10 300 310 320 330 […]

Mill Roll classification summary

Classification of pressed metal types Rolling steel products are called black rolls. Rolling non-ferrous metal materials (copper, aluminum, etc.) products are called non-ferrous rolls.   According to the temperature of the rolled material when it is rolled The rolling temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature of the rolled material is called hot rolling, and the corresponding roll […]

Reasons and treatment of piled steel in the rolling process of high-speed wire rods

The production line equipment of the No. 1 Wire Rod Plant of Shougang Group. is imitating the design of the fifth-generation Morgan rolling mill and produced by domestic manufacturers. The maximum stable rolling speed of this production line is 88m/s. The whole line consists of 28 rolling mills, including 14 roughing and intermediate rolling mills, […]