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Defects and Treatment Measures of Cold Rolling Rolls

How to control the rolling force to optimize the rolling process?

Description: Roll surface defects mainly include vibration lines, roll marks, knife marks, cracks and peeling, and these defects will affect the product surface. Exploring the causes and solutions of these defects is of great significance to on-site production. Keyword: cold rolling,cold rolled rolls; roll defects; What is cold rolling? Cold rolling is an important metal […]

Independently innovated new rolling mill roll technology

Study on Improving Service Life of Work Roll Bearings in Wide and Heavy Plate Mills

Initiated a new process of rapid casting of conventional rolls The LMM roll manufacturer completed the pouring of 8 Ø300-Ø400 rolls (one ladle of molten iron 5t) in 4 minutes and 50 seconds, which shortened the pouring time by more than half compared with the traditional casting method, and created the fastest casting speed record […]

Independently developed new mill roll material

rolling mill rolls

Successfully developed special rolls for finishing rolling of wire rod (ordinary wire) rolling mills For the finishing rolls of Ø6.5-Ø8mm wire rod (referred to as ordinary wire) rolling mills with a rolling line speed of less than 25 m/s, medium alloy infinite chilled centrifugal composite rolls were used in the past, not only the single-slot […]

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