The world No. 1 in crude steel production steel plant, over 70% of the HSS for bar and wire are from us.

What is Indefinite Chilled Rolls(IC ROLLS)?

steel work rolls

Chilled rolls, also known as chilled cast iron rolls, are important components used in several industrial applications, especially in metal processing Applications Rolling mills Hot rolling: Chilled rolls are used in hot rolling mills to roll heated metal billets into metal plates, strips or bars of different shapes and sizes. Due to the high temperatures […]

What is Definite Chilled Rolls?

Clear Chill Iron Rolls or better known as Definite Chill Iron Rolls have white and super-hard working surfaces, made of graphite-free cast iron. Cast iron is manufactured from eutectic carbide and austentite, which impart the quality of extra hardness and make the resultant metal alloy perfectly resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Beneath […]

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