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Quality Defects of Cold Rolled Products and Corrective Measures(2)

Rolling rolls

Plate shape defects 1. Beveling, pickling rolling, finishing, etc. Refers to the beveling of steel coils or strips when trimming the edges 2. Sickle bending Cold rolling, smoothing and smoothing The rolling force on both sides of the strip is unbalanced, the response time of the rolling force is lagging, or the roll gap is […]

Quality Defects of Cold Rolled Products and Corrective Measures(1)

External quality of cold rolled and galvanized products One of the main reasons why cold-rolled sheet is a high-quality product is the strict requirements for surface quality of cold-rolled sheet. It can be said that in the entire metallurgical industry, cold-rolled sheet has the highest and most stringent requirements for surface quality, especially wide and […]

Common Surface Defects and Causes of Cold Rolled Sheet

Rolling rolls

Description: Common surface defects of cold-rolled plates include pitting defects, cracks in the middle of the chilled plate, edge cracks of the chilled plate, band-shaped peeling, discontinuous point line-shaped defects, black (gray) line (band) defects, etc Keyword: Rolling rolls: Mill rolls, Cold rolled,Cold rolled sheet Related product: Rolling mill rolls 1.pitting defect. The single pits […]

Answers to possible problems in steel rolling

Answers to possible problems in steel rolling

Description: This paper mainly describes the answers to possible problems in steel rolling keyword: work roll, intermediate roll and support roll thermal scratches , pre-compression Related product:Rolling mill rolls 1. How to solve the indentation on the surface of the strip? If there are indentations during the rolling process, stop the machine in time and […]

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