Optimizing the rolling and annealing process to improve the quality of cold-rolled products

Description: Laiwu Steel’s cold rolling production line is composed of a pickling line, two single-stand cold rolling mills, 24 bell annealing furnaces, a four-roll leveling line and a tension leveling line. The cold-rolling production line is mainly used for pickling hot-rolled strips of electrical steel, ordinary carbon steel, and low-alloy high-quality steel with a thickness […]

New annealing and pickling process for cold-rolled stainless steel and its advantages

Desicrption: This paper mainly describes the cold rolling pickling process technology and its advantages. Keyword: cold-rolled, annealing, pickling According to the European standard EN10088/2, the cold-rolled stainless steel strip currently supplied is usually divided into two types of surfaces:   1) 2D/2B surface: the surface after cold rolling, annealing, pickling and leveling;   2) 2R surface: the […]

Defect control of work roll edges, roll technology

Desicription: The smaller degree of edge chipping and the larger degree of edge peeling of the work roll are caused by many reasons, and the unloading of the work roll roll shape and the edge is the main reason. Keyword: Chamfering of support roll edge; work roll; roll life; wear crown Rolls play a vital […]

Answers to possible problems in steel rolling

Description: This paper mainly describes the answers to possible problems in steel rolling Keyword: Rolling roll, rolling force, rolling, steel rolling 1. How to control the rolling force? The rolling force is large and the shape is not easy to control, the temperature of the roll is uneven, and the bearing capacity of the roll […]

Annealing defects and cause analysis of cold-rolled strip steel, cold-rolling technology

Desicription: Bonding, oxidation color and performance incompatibility are the three major problems in the annealing process of cold-rolled sheets, especially the two defects of bonding and oxidation color are more prominent. Keyword: Adhesion, oxidation, Carbon black edge, Reasons for unqualified performance, cold-rolled strip steel Causes of adhesion 1. Excessive tension. Tension is one of the […]

Analysis of steel rolling quality control system

Key word: Rolling roll,  quality control system, rolls Hot-rolled strip steel is one of the most important steel varieties and is widely used in various fields. With the increasingly severe steel market situation, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and customer demand for products is also getting higher and higher. The common defects […]