Hot rolled strip steel problems and solutions

In actual production, in the specific steel processing stage, the defects that affect the quality of hot-rolled strip are explored and researched, and the technical problems and the ways to solve the problems are found, which will improve the overall production quality of the steel industry. Corresponding costs and improving the qualification rate have very […]

Roll mil rolls assembly technology operating procedures, Roll mil rolls technology

Description:This article mainly explains the technical operating procedures of rolling mill rolls assembly, the preparation before assembly, the assembly sequence, and the precautions and acceptance criteria for assembly. Title:Roll mil rolls assembly technology operating procedures, Roll mil rolls technology Keyword:Roll mil rolls technology 1.1 Preparation before assembly (1) Re-inspect the size and accuracy of each part of the […]

The problem and solution of bar four-cutting, bar wire technology

Slitting knife sticks to steel The sticking of steel on the slitting knife refers to the phenomenon that the two sides or one side of the slitting knife stick to the slag during the slitting and rolling production process, which will eventually lead to the failure of the slitting. The main reasons for the sticking […]

How to optimize the roughing rolling mill roll to prevent early contact fatigue damage

Description: The roughing mill work rolls of many hot rolling mills in the world are faced with the problem of contact fatigue in the bonding and bonding zone before reaching the scrap diameter. This phenomenon is caused by factors such as rolling steel with high resistance to deformation, long rolling cycle, increased reduction in order […]

Research on the influence of work roll size of cold rolling mill on rolling performance

Description: Cold-rolled steel strips and sheets generally have a thickness of 0.1-3mm and a width of 100-2000mm. They have the advantages of smooth surface, flatness, dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties. They are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electrical appliances, building materials, packaging materials, and household appliances. Various industries such as electrical appliances. With the […]